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Release Date: Tuesday, September 29th 2015

Humanae/I AM AUGUST held at the August Wilson Center

By Natalie Bencivenga / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

#SEENHumanity: The August Wilson Center for African American Culture, Downtown, came alive on Friday night as the highly anticipated Humanae/I AM AUGUST photography exhibit opened to the public.

But for those expecting to walk through the doors to check out the work of Brazilian photographer, Angelica Dass, they needed only to look up. Familiar faces of Pittsburghers such as Janera Solomon, executive director of the Kelly Strayhorn Theater; Jeremy Waldrup, president and CEO of the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership; and Tara Sherry Torres, founder of Cafe con Leche were just some of the 150 portraits installed on the facade.

“The idea is to change how people judge one another,” Ms. Dass said. “The words we use to describe each other — black, red, yellow, white — these are so untrue. Let’s destroy this with an exhibit that shows that the true color of people is our humanity. Our oneness.” 

Mr. Waldrup saw this as an opportunity to increase engagement and accessibility to the AWC. “We recognize that part of the appeal of this exhibit is the fact that anyone walking by can enjoy it. They don’t need to be inside the space to experience the artist’s work, which is really amazing.”

Added Ms. Solomon, who produced this event with the Magenta Foundation: “We wanted people to reconnect with the building and cause people to gather. Angelica’s work on race, color and class makes perfect sense to display here.”

Another 80 portraits are on display inside the gallery at 937 Liberty Ave. through October.

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