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The Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership conducts various research projects to maintain its innovative programs and initiatives and to foster a welcoming neighborhood for everyone who lives, works, and plays in Downtown.

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State of Downtown Pittsburgh

Produced annually by the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, the State of Downtown Pittsburgh (SODP) report gives meaning to data, statistics, and trends for use by the general public. A comprehensive resource for landowners, developers, investors, and community leaders to showcase the economic vitality of Downtown Pittsburgh, learn more about the State of Downtown Pittsburgh report.  In addition to the data narrative, find additional data pertaining to various sectors relevant to the Downtown community below.

Real-Time Bike Lane Data

Do you want to find out how many people actually use the Penn Avenue Bike Lane? We’ve installed bike counters at three locations along Penn Avenue to monitor Bike Lane usage.

Note: the Downtown Bike Lane counters are removed and not tracking from November through late March in order to mitigate excessive wear from snow removal.

Pittsburgh Bicycle & Pedestrian Counts
1200 Penn Ave.
900 Penn Ave.
600 Penn Ave. 

2020 Downtown Resident Survey

The PDP conducts a resident survey every two years to gather the feedback and opinions of residents in Greater Downtown (consisting of the Golden Triangle, North Shore, Uptown, and Strip District). The data obtained from this survey is used by the PDP to inform decision making within the public and private sectors as well as to guide PDP programming and initiatives. The 2020 Downtown Resident Survey is the sixth resident survey that has been conducted since the PDP began data tracking in 2008.

Downtown Pedestrian Study

In 2016, the PDP commissioned a pedestrian traffic count and intercept survey to provide insight into traffic patterns and the opinions of pedestrians. This information has been used to shape the programs and services of the PDP and others to support the growth and satisfaction of Downtown workers, residents, and visitors.

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Research Archive

View past Resident Surveys, Pedestrian Studies, Transit Studies, and more.

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