State of Downtown Pittsburgh Snapshot Reports

The State of Downtown Pittsburgh snapshot reports are produced by the PDP to dive deeply into specific topical areas, giving meaning to data, statistics, and trends for use by the general public. A detailed resource for landowners, developers, investors, and community leaders to showcase the economic vitality of Downtown Pittsburgh, each report will focus on an important topical area. In addition to the report, find additional data pertaining to various sectors relevant to the Downtown community on the Downtown Activity Dashboard.

State of Downtown Pittsburgh Residential Report | November 2022

Downtown Activity Dashboard

To measure activity Downtown, the PDP tracks daily visitors, parking garage utilization, bus ridership, residential, and office building occupancy, and other metrics that help keep local stakeholders, leaders, and citizens informed on the state of Downtown Pittsburgh. The data in this Dashboard is collected and updated on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

Interactive Downtown Investment Map

The Interactive Downtown Investment Map reflects real estate development projects in the Golden Triangle, Strip District, North Shore, Lower Hill, Uptown, and South Shore that have been recently completed, are under construction or are being planned in Greater Downtown. The primary source for this information is provided by developers or credible news sources and is updated on a regular basis. 

Previous State of Downtown Pittsburgh Reports:

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