Workspaces @ the Allegheny Overlook

Now closed – thanks for visiting us!

Find a new way to work. Book your next meeting at one of three beautifully designed and curated outdoor riverfront spaces at the Allegheny Overlook.

Spaces are free to reserve and available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Previously open through September 12.

Wi-fi hotspots (occasionally) available

Suitable for checking email, working on a shared document, or reading the web, free wi-fi hotspots* are available. Look for connection information in your booking confirmation email after you reserve your space.

*The Allegheny Overlook is a pop-up park that is located on what is typically a highway (Ft. Duquesne Boulevard). Reception for the hotspots here can be spotty, and is best suited for general internet browsing like email, working in a shared doc, reading (not video conferencing, streaming, etc.).

Use of the networks is free of charge and at your own risk. Treat these connections like public wi-fi networks you’d find at a coffee shop, but potentially a little less reliable (again, it’s a highway). Networks may become unavailable without notice.


Saarinen is perfect for collaborative work, meetings, brainstorming working from a laptop, and more. Features seating for up to twelve around two tables.


Bertoia was designed as a creative lounge space, perfect for catching up with colleagues, working individually, or for a productive break in the day. Features individual Spark chairs for up to seven, along with Maya Lin Stone-style tables.


Florence is perfect for collaborative work, meetings, brainstorming, working from a laptop, and more. Features seating for up to twelve around two tables.

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