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Youth Author Series: Kate Schatz

Oct 12, 2019 - Oct 12, 2019 | 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm
City of Asylum
40 W. North Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15212


Rad American History A-Z, an illustrated collection of radical and transformative political, social, and cultural movements in American history. In Rad American History A-Z, each letter of the alphabet tells the story of a significant moment in America’s progressive history–one that isn’t always covered in history classes: A is for Alcatraz, and the Native American occupation of 1969; C is for the Combahee River Raid, a Civil War action planned in part by Union spy Harriet Tubman; Z is for Zuccotti Park, and the Occupy movement that briefly took over the world. There are radical librarians, Supreme Court cases, courageous youth, punk rocker grrrls, Southern quilts, modern witches, mass marches, and much more!

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