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Sci-Fi Writers and Readers Club - in Space!

Jun 30, 2024 - Jun 30, 2024 | 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Space Bar
22 Market Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Sci-Fi Writers and Readers Club - in Space!

There are the laws of thermodynamics, and then there are the laws of winter-is-great-for-wordstuff. If you want to cuddle up with a book and disappear into the ether -- but in the company of other considerate and inquisitive minds - we get you. We started a Space Bar. We GET you.

But also, we are partially founded by a sci-fi writer, who also knows the vital importance of decent libations when sorting out the stories of the cosmos.

We'll have a discussion section for people who want to discuss the various virtues and vices of Asimov, Clarke, and the Wells (H.G. and Martha).

And we will have a quiet section. shhh.

We have a growing library of sci-fi canon and pulp classics which you are welcome to borrow for the evening - yes, you'll have to check them out with the front desk.

A special note. Part of the reason we made this bar was so Dale could write his second novel in the Birthright series while on a space ship. You are welcome to chat with him if you're an aspiring writer and just want to talk about process or whatever. He's approachable and knows he knows practically as little as the rest of us.

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