Workshops & Classes

Neighborworks America - 2024 Neighborworks Training Institute

Aug 23, 2024 - Aug 30, 2024
David L. Lawrence Convention Center
1000 Fort Dusquene Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

At NeighborWorks America, we aim to provide the very best training to equip you with the skills you need to do the important work you do.  The NeighborWorks Training Institute (NTI) is a five-day “mobile university,” held three times each year in major U.S. cities. In 2017, we trained people from nearly 2,500 organizations at our NTI events – including professionals who work in organizations that are both large and small; nonprofit, for-profit and governmental; inner-city and rural. NTIs are very topic- and skill-focused. Participants spend the majority of their time in intensive classes with 10-30 fellow learners. At each NTI, you’re offered a selection of more than 100 courses, a one-day symposium on a pressing topic, free after-course workshops on innovative tools and methods, and abundant peer networking opportunities.

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