Knights of the Arcade: Epic D&D Adventure

Jan 27, 2024 - Jan 27, 2024 | 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm
Arcade Comedy Theater
943 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

A live Dungeons & Dragons-inspired comedy show
“Best Nerd Fantasy Come to Life” by Pittsburgh Magazine
“A neo-geek wet dream” Ð Pittsburgh City Paper

Finally after 95 years, Mickey and Minnie Mouse are in the public domain. So they’re joining the Knights of the Arcade for a quest! God have mercy on their rodent souls.

Featuring hilarious Pittsburgh comedy performers Tyler Ray Kendrick at Mickey and Missy Moreno as Minnie!

As Disney’s lawyers finally give it a rest, we’re seizing the moment to bring none other than Mickey and Minnie Mouse into our realm of chaos and comedy. Join us for an evening where these iconic characters navigate the unpredictable world of Dungeons & Dragons with a comedic twist only the Knights can provide. Will Mickey roll a critical fail? Can Minnie outwit an orc? There’s only one way to find out! This show is not just a celebration of classic characters meeting modern mischief but also a cheeky nod to the freedom of artistic expression. So, come along and witness a historic crossover that decades of corporate lawyers couldn’t stop!

A comedy quest awaits! Knights of the Arcade is an award-winning comedy show that takes audiences on a wild, madcap adventure every month. A recurring cast of characters (a dwarf, a monk, a rogue, a sorcerer and a fighter) are joined by special guests and led by their maniacal dungeon master. Where theyÕre going, who they fight, and if they ultimately succeed is decided upon live dice that are rolled and projected on the theater wall.

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