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Paleo Cave Art Mysteries

Nov 6, 2023 - Nov 6, 2023 | 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Carnegie Science Center
1 Allegheny Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Dr. Neil Bockoven, PhD

This presentation not only shows beautiful images of the wonderful cave art, but summarizes the latest research into what it means and what we’ve learned from it. Along the way, Neil will discuss the oldest art in the world and who made it, the first image of a volcano (from 35,000 years ago!), how some images are likely those of star constellations, and why we’re convinced that sea level rise has destroyed most paleo art. The art that remains gives us insights into the minds of paleo peoples. All of these amazing works of art help define the early edge of human abstract thinking.

About Neil Bockoven

Neil Bockoven is an award-winning PhD geologist, journalist, and author who earned his doctorate in geoscience from The University of Texas at Austin. His current interests center on the interaction between Early Modern Humans and Neanderthals during the Paleolithic Age and the amazing related discoveries being made through archaeology and ancient DNA analysis. Neil has been a featured speaker all over the USA. His Facebook page has 25,000 followers, and by posting to other pages, he reaches 4,500,000 followers weekly. In addition to his two novels, Moctu and the Mammoth People and The People Eaters, he has also published a related children’s science book titled When We Met Neanderthals.

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