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Karim Nagi: Arab Musician and Folklorist

Sep 12, 2022 - Sep 12, 2022 | 7:30 pm - 1:00 pm
PNC Theatre
350 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Arab musician and folklorist Karim Nagi opens the season with a concert highlighting Arab musical traditions through his unique blend of performance and storytelling. Nagi has taught and lectured internationally about Arab culture and music, participating in the TEDx program with his talk, The Tambourine, My Partner in Diplomacy and Disruption.

  1. Nashwa (Bliss) composed by Karim Nagi for bendir (frame drum)
  2. Teletaashir (13) composed by Karim Nagi for riqq (tambourine)
  3. Ahu Da Illi Sar (This is What Happened) composed by Sheikh Sayed Darwish, Cairo 1921 AD
  4. Tala’ Al-Badru ‘Alayna (The Full Moon Rose Over Us) composed by The Ansar, Medina 622 AD
  5. Tarab Lesson (how to hear and react to Arab music)
  6. Taqasim (divisions) in 5 Maqam Modes arranged by Karim Nagi for buzuq lute
  7. Huzam (a mode that starts on a microtone) composed by Karim Nagi for buzuq lute
  8. Arabized arranged by Karim Nagi
  9. Hewar (dialogue) composed by Karim Nagi for the sagat finger cymbals
  10. Pan-Arab rhythms arranged by Karim Nagi for tublah goblet drum

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