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Traveling Show

Jul 1, 2022 - Sep 12, 2022

This exhibition will take place at 820 Liberty Avenue

In 2016, while walking in the outdoors on a thousand-acre pasture in Banner, Wyoming, Renee decided to change her life and untether herself and further explore. It took a while. The artworks in Renee Piechocki’s exhibition Traveling Show are a multi-compilation of work including photographs, video, and books created during or in response to her travel journeys from 2018 throughout portions of the U.S., Pacific Northwest, and Montreal, Canada, and during 2019 while living abroad in Japan, New Zealand, Mauritius, Chile, and Ecuador.

Traveling Show features four distinct exhibition presentations: Walking: Finding, 2022; Turning In, 2019; A Liberation Abecedary, 2021, and As Far As I Can Go, 2022.

Walking: Finding, 2022 is an extensive photography collection of things Piechocki found on the ground. The artist culled through thousands of images and created an installation grid set on the gallery floor. Visitors can view and explore this exhibition as the artists invites us to find connections between beautiful, odd, frightening, confusing, and humorous photographs from all over the world.

Turning In, 2019 is a video that chronicles the life of the artist accompanied by a tumbleweed while shopping, bathing, driving, and doing laundry while slyly questioning her ability to engage intuition and creativity.

A Liberation Abecedary, 2021 features twenty-eight people who created scenes to express liberation with a tool of their choice. The tools are conceptual, physical, personal. Inspired by Martha Rosler’s video Semiotics of the Kitchen, 1975 Piechocki’s A Liberation Abecedary, 2021 explores liberation through many points of view, initiating a conversation about liberation and how it is experienced.

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