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Welcome to Night Vale

Jun 23, 2022 - Jun 23, 2022
Byham Theater
101 6th Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

We have some unfinished business that haunts us and now we want it to haunt you…

We are so happy to announce that Welcome to Night Vale will return to stages across North America and Europe in 2022 with The Haunting of Night Vale, starring Cecil Baldwin, Symphony Sanders, Kate Jones and featuring original music by Disparition

Cecil and Carlos are building a new house for themselves, but strange occurrences and ghostly encounters are plaguing the construction process. It's probably nothing. After all, how could a house be haunted before it's even done being built?

This story will never be told on the podcast. It's a unique experience that you can't get from listening to the podcast at home! This live show is entirely stand-alone, so bring a friend and introduce them to the town of Night Vale, too.

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