Gary Clark Jr.

Mar 20, 2019 - Mar 20, 2019 | 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm
Benedum Center
7th Street and Penn Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Ever since 2010, when Gary Clark Jr. wowed audiences with electrifying live sets everywhere from the Crossroads Festival to Hollywood’s historic Hotel Café, his modus operandi has remained crystal clear: “I listen to everything...so I want to play everything.” The revelation that is the Austin-born virtuoso guitarist, vocalist and songwriter finds him just as much an amalgamation of his myriad influences and inspirations. Anyone who gravitated towards Clark’s, 2011’s Bright Lights EP, heard both the evolution of rock and roll and a savior of blues. The following year’s full-length debut, Blak And Blu, illuminated Clark’s vast spectrum - “Please Come Home” is reminiscent of Smokey Robinson, while “Ain’t Messin’ Around” recalls Sly and the Family Stone. 2014’s double disc Gary Clark Jr–Live projected Clark into 3D by adding palpable dimension and transcendent power –– songs soared and drifted from the epic, psychedelic-blues of “When My Train Comes In” to his anthemic, hip-hop, rock-crunch calling card, “Bright Lights”, all the way down to the deep, dark, muddy water of “When The Sun Goes Down”.

"Gary Clark Jr is both of the past and the future…hard-driving riffs mixed with unexpected restraint. And when he sings?...light, sweet and resonant.” – Time Magazine

“Gary Clark Jr. was born in the wrong era. In the 1960s or ’70s, he could easily have forged a career as a first-rank guitar hero: a Texan blues-rocker who can step on any stage and bring the place down with a searing guitar solo. In 2019, Clark is an exceedingly rare figure, a bluesman who has a major-label recording contract and a worldwide audience, one he has built by tearing up stage after stage, show after show. On “This Land,” his third major-label studio album, his songwriting has caught up with his playing. It has something to do with experience; And it has a lot to do with America in 2019, where division, frustration and seething anger can use an outlet with the historical resonance and emotional depth of the blues.” – The New York Times / Jon Pareles

“’This Land’… the most important song Clark has ever written. This Land [the album] ranges from Delta blues to dub reggae, Stax-style soul anthems and Prince-like epics, capturing Clarks promise at a mind-blowing level.” – Rolling Stone

“Gary has managed to do something really impressive for anyone who is gifted on guitar and is often the subject of celebrity comparisons: He's continued to innovate his own sound, rebelling against the possibility of being pinned down to a genre or style. On his latest album This Land, Gary delivers an impressive musical range that incorporates punk, soul and even hip-hop. And not only is the music impactful, but so is what Gary has to say.” -- NPR

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