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Rube Goldberg™: The World of Hilarious Invention! Exhibit

Feb 25, 2019 - May 5, 2019
Children's Museum Pittsburgh
10 Children's Way
Allegheny Square
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Like Rube Goldberg, visitors can activate and create crazy chain-reaction contraptions that use everyday objects to complete simple tasks in the most overcomplicated, inefficient and hilarious ways possible!

  • Sharpen a real pencil using a 3D version of Rube Goldberg’s “A Simple Way to Sharpen a Pencil”®
  • See a Rube-inspired way to paint a picture in the 3D version of Ed Steckley’ s “An Epic Way to Paint a Picture”®
  • Move balls and ramps to trigger chain reaction machines in Wall Machines, then figure out how they work by resetting each part
  • Be inspired by Rube Goldberg’s drawing techniques to create your own hilarious cartoon in the Art Studio
  • Pull ropes to start a series of musical chain reactions in the large-scale sound animation Music Machine
  • Step into one of Rube's iconic wearables, “Self-Operating Napkin Machine.”®, for a one-of-a-kind photo opp
  • And much more!

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