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Corpus Christi

Jan 23, 2021 - Jan 29, 2021
Virtual Event by Carnegie Mellon International Film Festival

The festival will host a FREE live discussion with Polish director Jan Komasa, director of the award-nominated film "Corpus Christi". The discussion will be moderated by Dr. Patricia Donohue, Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Chatham University, as well as Jolanta Lion, Assistant Director of CMU's Humanities Center and Director of the CMU International Film Festival. The discussion will be conducted virtually via Zoom.

Inspired by true events, Corpus Christi tells the story of Daniel, a young man recently released from a Warsaw juvenile detention center. Daniel tries to attend a seminary but is rejected because of his violent background. Instead, he ends up impersonating a priest in a small town whose residents are dealing with the unresolved tensions created by a recent tragedy. Daniel seems to be doing his best to lead everyone from grief to forgiveness. But what will happen to him and the people of the town when his dark past catches up with him?

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