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R.M.N. (2022)

Jan 20, 2024 - Jan 23, 2024
Harris Theater
809 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

After a racist provocation by his employer in a German slaughterhouse, Matthias (Marin Grigore), a Romanian migrant worker of Roma descent, hitchhikes home to the foothills of Transylvania. The region, which once resisted Ottoman invasion, has been populated at different epochs by Hungarians, Romanians, and Germans and remains a cultural, religious, and linguistic hub. He is coldly welcomed by his young son Rudi (Mark Blenyesi), his estranged wife Ana (Macrina Bârladeanu), his longtime Hungarian lover Csilla (Judith State), and his father figure Papa Otto (Andrei Finti), whose ailments require him to undergo an MRI (the translation of which lends its name to the film’s title).

Directed by Cristian Mungiu

2022 | Romania, France, Belgium | Romanian, Hungarian, German, English, and French language with English subtitles | DCP

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