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As your guide to Downtown Pittsburgh, the PDP works hard to keep you in the know about all of the exciting events going on Downtown through publications, via our social media and especially through our weekly e-newsletters.

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Weekly e-newsletters: The Low DownTown and Bring on the Weekend

The Low DownTown features news and previews of the upcoming week’s events in Downtown and comes out each Monday morning. Bring on the Weekend is delivered on Thursday afternoons and includes recommendations for Downtown events to check out each weekend! Subscribe today and be in-the-know of all the cool happenings around the Golden Triangle!  If you would like to submit an upcoming event for review, be sure to email by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday to be considered in the following week’s periodical.

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2018 Downtown Pittsburgh Made Easy Guide

A must-have for your Downtown travels! This convenient, pocket-sized guide provides you with information on parking, public transportation, theaters, attractions, business destinations, and more.

Click here to download the PDF version for printing or bringing with you on your smart phone or tablet.

* Simply complete our e-form to receive your paper copy.

* If you’re outside the Golden Triangle and are requesting more than 50 guides, please arrange to pick them up at our office. We can mail them to you, however, there will be a fee associated with the mailing.

2017 Annual Report

Sponsored by BNY Mellon, Point Park University, and Comcast Business, our 2017 Annual Report is available here.

2018 State of Downtown Pittsburgh Report

The 2018 State of Downtown Report provides a snapshot of Downtown’s economic landscape and allows stakeholders to see how Downtown Pittsburgh’s economy has evolved. It is a fact-driven report derived from the PDP’s research efforts along with assistance from key partners, providing timely, objective and accurate data about Downtown Pittsburgh. The report also promotes the current development efforts underway, the transformation that is planned in and around the Golden Triangle, and highlights unique downtown-centric indicators.

At the PDP, we make every effort to provide the most current data in our Downtown Guides. To report corrections, please call us at (412) 566-4190, or send corrections to

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