Clean + Safe Program

clean-team-with-card_webThe Clean + Safe program is one of the most visible and highly acclaimed of the PDP’s initiatives.

Our Clean and Street teams help keep Downtown’s sidewalks and streets free of litter and debris and complement the presence of the Pittsburgh Police. Of course, keeping our Downtown neighborhood clean and safe is a shared responsibility, and we work with local property owners, merchants and partners like the Department of Public Works, Pittsburgh School District police and the Port Authority to help maintain a cohesive effort.

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Clean Team
Help Line: (412) 589-0110
Operations Supervisor: (412) 589-0110
Office: (412) 566-4190 x16
Street Team
Help Line: (412) 589-0110
Operations Supervisor: (412) 589-0357
Outreach Cell: (412) 728-3450
Office: (412) 566-4190 x16

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