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COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on the Downtown environment. Activity levels are far different compared to what they were pre-pandemic. In an effort to track the reactivation of Downtown, the PDP issues a monthly report measuring Downtown activity including office building occupancy, parking garage utilization, bus ridership, bike share counts, and more. View the dashboard below to check out the latest Downtown reactivation metrics.

Note: 2019 is used as the comparison year for 2022 percent recovery and/or percent change data. is used in this report as a tool to track Downtown activity reported as an estimated ‘visits’ metric. A visitor is counted as someone who enters a geofenced boundary for a minimum of 7 mins within a 24-hour period. Estimated visits are captured by using anonymized mobile location data that is aggregated, normalized, and extrapolated within a geofenced boundary. Types of visits are categorized as employee, resident, tourist, and/or visitor based on a person’s home location and commuting patterns. Data is aggregated for the Pittsburgh Central Business (CBD) boundary unless otherwise noted. As the visitor algorithm is optimized, estimates and percent change data are subject to change from month to month.

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