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Community Takeout: The Larimer Consensus Group

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The Larimer Consensus Group, one of the many non-profit organizations receiving food from the Downtown Community Takeout, provides opportunities for quality housing and helps promote self-sufficiency to improve recreational and human service opportunities, maximize employment and training opportunities, and develop programming specific to the needs of the Larimer community.  

📸 by The Larimer Consensus Group via Facebook  

Learn more from Malik Morris, the Manager of Community Engagement from The Larimer Consensus Group: 

Tell us a bit about The Larimer Consensus Group:  

“We work with the residents of Larimer and are currently in the process of redeveloping the community with housing and social services. We received a $30 million grant from Hud Choice in 2014. Right now, we are in the midst of preparing residents of the future of the community by making sure they are engaged and have the resources they need.  

“In addition, we have given 90 families that currently have homes in the community grants via the URA/HUD Choice Grant for them to remodel their homes. The grants were given out in two phases. So, we are not only building new homes, but we are investing in the old infrastructure and letting the people know we will not only be building around you, but we will be helping to build you up as well.”  

How has the Downtown Community Takeout impacted The Larimer Consensus Group?  

“When the prepared meals became available with the Downtown Community Takeout, I called 412 Food Rescue to let them know we were interested. Many times, we get food that’s distributed and it’s not a complete meal. Some people have limited ability to cook meals, so being able to have hot meals ready for children and families when they return home is wonderful.  

“All the meals we have been receiving have gone over very well. Our residents pick them up, take them home, and eat them right away. The meals are very nutritious and it’s important that these people are not only receiving food, but it’s quality food.  

“This program also gives our residents a chance to experience what Downtown is offering. Many of them do not eat at Downtown restaurants simply because they cannot afford to. It’s been a healthy culinary experience for residents and has helped fill a need for families with children, working moms, etc.  They can come on Thursdays, pick up a meal, and have it ready on the dinner table.  

“We are very grateful to have the opportunity to feed our residents prepared meals that are coming from expert hands.”  

The Larimer Consensus Group is always looking for volunteers. They are currently seeking volunteers with gardening experience for their Urban Agricultural Project. They are in the process of developing an orchard and would appreciate any help with this new project. 

If you’re interested, you can contact The Larimer Consensus Group here.  

Give them a follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates on volunteer opportunities, events, and more. 

Read more about the evolution of the Downtown Community Takeout and ways you can make a difference here.  

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