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AACCWP Business Spotlight: Concrete Rose Construction

Monday, March 15, 2021

In partnership with the African American Chamber of Commerce of Western Pennsylvania – headquartered in Downtown and promoting access and business opportunities to business owners and professionals throughout the region – we’ll be highlighting Black-owned businesses in the Pittsburgh area. This month, learn about Concrete Rose Construction, located on the North Shore. 

Founder & CEO Tina Daniels opened her construction company after working in healthcare for 20 years. In 2017, looking to start her own company, Tina decided that she wanted to become an entrepreneur in the concrete construction business. Concrete Rose Construction opened in 2019 and is dedicated to building and improving residential and commercial structures according to client needs and desires.  

What services does Concrete Rose Construction provide? 

We specialize in Residential New construction and Complete Residential Rehabs. 

What inspired you to get into the construction business after a career in healthcare? 

I graduated school in 1992. When I graduated, they had trades incorporated into our high school. I went and took a carpentry class based off a bet. Somebody bet me that I wouldn’t make it through one semester. I wanted to win the bet, so I signed up for the class and I fell in love with it. I took carpentry for the remainder of my high school career. I graduated with a carpentry certificate.  

I wanted to go to Triangle Tech, but my mother wanted something different for me. That’s when I went into health care. I did construction jobs on the side, beginning with jobs for my family’s bathrooms and kitchens. I was all self-taught. Over 20 years, I became very skilled and eventually was able to complete full scale residential rehabs.  

What makes Concrete Rose Construction unique?  

I was born and raised here in the city. I’ve watched the city and the areas I know become run down. Through my business, I get to play a part in helping build those buildings back up and bring life into those areas. I have invested value in the city, and I get to help beautify communities with each project I do.  

What is your favorite part about being located near Downtown Pittsburgh?  

My office is located on the North Shore. I love that it’s walking distance to Downtown. I am central to everything. I can hop in my truck and be on any project site in 10 minutes. I love the city. I love everything about it.  

How have you had to adjust to being a business owner in the midst of the pandemic? 

We had larger bundle rehab contracts scheduled to begin that were put on hold once the pandemic started in March. We moved into securing single rehab projects and developed a more streamlined completion process. This allowed us to surpass the number of projects we would’ve completed with the bundle contracts.  

If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting a business in Pittsburgh, what would it be?  

Stay focused. Stay determined. Others are not going to know your vision, they’re not going to see it, they are not going to be emotionally invested in it. You must know what it is, know what you want, and be relentless.  

Thanks, Tina! You can find Concrete Rose Construction online at, reach them via phone at 412-235-2800, and keep up-to-date on their latest projects on Instagram and Facebook

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