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Release Date: Sunday, September 27th 2015

PNC to celebrate tower's completion

By Tom Fontaine

PNC Financial Services Group Inc. will hold a ceremony Thursday to mark the completion of the $400 million, 33-story Tower at PNC Plaza.

“We believe that an investment in the core of an urban center is essential to the well-being of any region,” reads an invitation from PNC President and CEO Bill Demchak.

Construction began on the skyscraper in spring 2012. It's the tallest one to be built Downtown since the 31-story Fifth Avenue Place opened in 1988. About 2,200 employees will be based in the building.

“It is not only the tallest building constructed in the city in almost 30 years, but it is also among the greenest buildings on the planet,” said Kevin Acklin, who is Mayor Bill Peduto's chief of staff and chief development officer.

PNC said the building's design will help it use 50 percent less energy than a traditional office building, and reduce water consumption by 77 percent.

A PNC-run website dedicated to the project reported Friday the project was 95 percent complete. Remaining work includes facade installation and interior construction. PNC declined to comment.

“The building is a metaphor for the continued transformation of our city, and will continue to catalyze growth in the Downtown market,” Acklin said.

Added Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership CEO Jeremy Waldrup: “It's an absolutely amazing addition to the skyline, and we're very excited that the Wood Street corridor will be reopening.”

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