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Cabs, Limos & Shuttles

Taxi cabs, limos and shuttles...yeah, we've got them. Getting around town is a breeze with our taxi cab, limo and shuttle services. We've posted some helpful information to make navigating our urban neighborhood as enjoyable as possible...not to mention convenient and fun!


While Pittsburgh doesn’t have the “extend-the-arm, hail-a-taxi” tradition of some cities, there are plenty of taxi stands to be found. Use our handy Taxi Cab Stands Map to find the one nearest you.

Yellow Cab Company
(412) 321-8100

Classy Cab
(412) 322-5080


For a more luxurious ride, try one of Pittsburgh’s acclaimed limousine services.

Regency Transportation Group
(412) 321-6800

Elite Coach Transportation, Inc.
(412) 281-1111


If you're a daily commuter to Downtown, save money by parking on the outer fringes of Downtown and hopping on a free shuttle that will get you to work or school quickly and conveniently. And, take advantage of shuttles to cultural or sporting events ... and then back again ... some for free ... some for a small fee.

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