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Get Here and Around

Easy access! It’s one of the hallmarks of Downtown Pittsburgh. With more than 100 bus and light rail routes serving Downtown daily, relaxing while you let someone else do the driving into town is a cinch. And within Downtown, public transportation is free!

New to town or looking for a different way to get around? Ride the T from the Golden Triangle to the City’s North Shore, a FREE, two-minute tunnel trip, underground and underwater. Expanding the T's free fare zone to the Allegheny and North Side stations stretches Downtown’s borders and makes it easier for visitors to move between Downtown and the North Shore’s many attractions as well as within that's a big plus!  A little known fact: if you want to take the bus in Downtown, it’s FREE if you don’t cross a bridge or go beyond Ross Street or Eleventh Street.

Rather take the wheel? Major arteries flow in from all points of the Downtown hub and plenty of parking options are available. Downtown is pedestrian friendly, making it fun and easy to navigate on foot. And bicyclists enjoy paved trails along the beautiful Downtown riverfronts.

A great resource if you’re driving, biking or walking are our Streets Smarts (or Don’t Be a Road Zombie) cards containing safety tips and rules of the road. Download the set here.

Our Downtown map shows you updated parking information, points of interest, riverfront trails and more. Print copies to keep in your car, home or office so you always have your Downtown map at a glance.

Download the 2015 "Downtown Pittsburgh Made Easy Guide" or request a free, printed version. This compact, convenient guide contains construction detours, bus & T information, as well as details about parking, carpools and vanpools and more

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